With a great deal of research and careful consideration, Victory Meadows chose the following mares for the foundation of our sport horse breeding program.  Each has been selected on the following essential components:  1) pedigree and performance records of close relatives, 2) phenotype and correct conformation that closely matches my ideal, 3) purity of gaits and balanced movement, and 4) excellent temperament and disposition. Each mare is a pleasure to handle because of her gentle, kind and willing disposition.  I didn’t list beauty as an essential, but suffice it to say, they all possess plenty of beauty as well.


National Top Three, First Level (2002) and National Top Five, Training Level (2001) in Morgan Dressage Association open competition, as well as First Place Morgan in USDF All-Breeds Awards open competition, First Level (2002). Earned her AMHA Bronze Medal for open competition dressage.

  Iron Forge Pacific Blue is the Queen of Victory Meadows with her terrific pedigree and doe-eyed beauty. In addition to her feminine good looks, Sissy is an affectionate mare who is fun to ride whether in the arena or on the trail. It doesn’t matter how much time she has had off, she can be saddled and ridden at any time. Sissy is solidly built with great legs and joints. She is a proven producer, an easy breeder, and a good mother.

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Daughter of a World Champion dressage sire, and her dam a successful hunter horse always in blue ribbons.  Amy has won many blues in hunter as well.

When I heard that Dragonfire Amethyst, a daughter of the famous Cedar City Penbrook, was available, I had to take a closer look. What I found is a delightful mare with an inquisitive Morgan mind and a very affectionate, people-friendly nature.  Furthermore, her balanced way of going is poetry in motion and rarely have I seen such quality of gaits. Amy is a joy to be around and is a barn favorite.  I am very honored to have the privilege of owning this world-class mare.  

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MB Destiny is a performance-bred mare all the way. I couldn’t believe my eyes when as a yearling, she showed such correctness in her gaits – balanced, full freedom of the shoulder at the trot, and solid, 3-beat canter.  At age two, she was evaluated by my dressage instructor, a USDF L-rated judge, who said she was already moving like a fully trained dressage horse, exhibiting balanced self carriage and natural impulsion.  My instructor went on to say, “Here’s one who has what it takes to go all the way to the top.”  Dezi has excellent conformation, she is people-friendly and possesses an inquisitive Morgan mind.

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 2000 National Futurity Champion 2 Year Old, 2000 National Reserve Champion Mare, 1999 National Futurity Champion Yearling.

I saw SW Naphtali as a 3-month-old weanling and once I laid eyes on this little beauty, I was smitten.  As Naphtali matured, her greatness became apparent. Shown in-hand as a weanling, yearling, and 2-year-old, she repeatedly won championship after championship, both regionally and nationally. She carries herself with regal beauty and all who meet her immediately call her “princess,” and indeed she is.  This is also the “thinkingest” horse I have ever met. She needs to be shown something only once and she gets it.  Dressage comes naturally to her and she has the smoothest gaits on earth. She is a gifted athlete.

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I selected Hi-Fad Crown Jewel as a weanling. Her sport-horse abilities were apparent right from the start with her solid, balanced body, excellent hip and the straightest, strongest legs I had ever seen on a foal. I rate her legs a perfect 10, and so do the vet and farrier. Like her half sister, Dezi, Jewel is a natural sport horse, exhibiting balanced, cadenced gaits from day one, with extreme freedom through the shoulder and relaxed, 3-beat canter. My dressage instructor, a USDF L-rated judge, evaluated her at the age of two and declared she would make a top-notch field hunter or eventer on account of her structural strength, adding that dressage for her is a natural.  Jewel has a steady quiet nature, loads of intelligence, and eyes that look deep into your soul.

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While we don’t own the following mares, I wanted to include reference photos.



With Morgan greats such as Applevale Cadence, Sealect of Wind-Crest, Porvenir B Bonnet, and Serendipity Aries B, it is no wonder Lady possesses such beauty.


Of Flyhawk and Funquest breeding, Quinn possesses a sport-horse pedigree coupled with conformational correctness and a quiet, thoughtful nature.


Good old-time breeding going back to General Gates, Ethan Allen, Senator Knox, Quiz Kid and Glady on the Morgan side, blended with Arabian legends such as Raffles, Skowronek, Nureddin, Fadl, and Mesoud. This pedigree is as solid as they come.


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