Victory Meadows welcomed three Morab foals in 2009.  All are available for purchase.  In fact any horse you see in these pages (with the exception of the stallions) would be available to the right home at the right price, so if a particular horse catches your eye, please inquire. Please visit The Future for a preview of foals expected next year.


VMF Lissome Sprite (raf)

(Bethesda Virgil  X  SW Naphtali )

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    We are very pleased with this captivating ink-black filly from champions SW Naphtali and Bethesda Virgil. The essence of feminine beauty, this lively girl is a joy to be around. She is light on her feet and nimble, and I expect her to mature into a natural show/performance horse, just like her dam. With the combined beauty and athletic abilities she receives from both sire and dam, this is a special one who will take you to the top.

     This pedigree combines Flyhawk and Funquest Morgan families with Old Egyptian/Crabbet bloodlines.

     Foal is 75% Morgan / 25% Arabian and is eligible for Morab registration in the United States.*

 $8000 - Price will increase with training.


Congratulations to Kathryn Joosten of Los Angeles on her purchase of this talented filly




VMF Thee Elegance (raf)

( RHR Thee Ideal  X  MB Destiny )

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     Knowing the powerful and elegant way of going of both her sire and dam, I am not at all surprised to see such a lovely, leggy, and elegant youngster. This sweet and demure filly is correctly conformed with excellent angles and I have no doubt she will exhibit the same long-reaching stride as her sire and dam. She is ultra elegant and will make a gorgeous halter and/or performance mare. With her excellent pedigree and stunning good looks, Ellie will also be a coveted addition to any breeding program. 

     Some of the nation’s top Straight Egyptian bloodlines here, plus a solid Morgan pedigree of Brunk, Old Government, and Flyhawk blood.

     Foal is 50% Morgan / 50% Arabian and is eligible for Morab registration in the United States and Canada.*

$5500 - Price will increase with training.



VMF Ruby Gemstone (raf)

( Damar's Diamond Champ  X  Hi-Fad Crown Jewel  )

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     This very appealing filly is inquisitive and bold and is very sure of herselfand for good reason! Champ’s foals are always in high demand with proven performance records both in hand and under saddle, and this one will be no exception. Ruby is well built with excellent legs, and a happy, outgoing personality. Add to that her beautiful face and you know she will take you far in the show or performance arenaplus, you’ll have fun getting there!  Here's a great opportunity for the show enthusiast or astute breeder.

     Foal is 60% Morgan / 40% Arabian and is eligible for Morab registration in the United States.*

$4500 - Price will increase with training.


*Canada’s Morab breed is overseen by its federal department of agriculture. Canada’s breed standard allows Morabs of 50/50 breeding only. The standard for American Morab registries allows a 75%/25% blend of both parent breeds.


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